What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Listen up men! Your face is the very first thing a stranger sees and it often makes or breaks their first impression of you. It’s essential for a man to take care of his mug, and making proper grooming practices part of their daily morning routine. Below are a few essentials that you should be…

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Shaving Creams Vs. Shaving Soaps

Besides choosing the best razor, there are other conundrums a man must face when it comes to grooming. Many men are often confused by which is better, shaving cream or shaving soaps? Both come with their own merits, and it often comes down to a matter of preference. However, takes pride in offering the…

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The Simple Guide to Caring for Your Beard

The weather is getting cooler and for many men, the beard is getting thicker. Of course, at we’re all about the art of shaving, but every now and again, a man should let his beard grow out. If you’re currently letting your beard grow, don’t use it as an excuse to stop grooming. Below are…

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Straight Razor & Belgian Hone

Don’t Be Afraid of the Straight Razor

We have been conditioned to be afraid of the straight razor by disposable razor companies. We are under the impression that multi blade disposable razors will give us a closer shave and won’t cut us up. We have been told wrong for all these years. Granted, if you don’t know what you are doing, you…

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Caring for Your Safety Razor

You’ve finally made the switch to a safety razor! We’re sure you’re loving the close and satisfying shave provided by these wonderful tools, and can’t believe that it took this long to switch from a gimmicky drug store razor. With a little upkeep your new safety razor can certainly outlast you and your grandchildren, but…

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The Importance of a Shave Brush

If you have finally made the decision to start getting a classic shave, good job. You need to pick yourself up a straight razor or safety razor, some lather, and of course, a shave brush. “Why do I need a shave brush?” you might ask. Good question! Let’s go into the reasons why a shave…

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Choosing a moustache wax

Moustache wax: First things first Choosing a moustache wax can be a little bit confusing, especially if this is your first time. So, first a little information about waxes in general and then I will explain the differences between the waxes I offer. Regardless of which wax or waxes you choose, be sure to check…

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Tip for entrepreneurs and idea people: how to get out of first gear

Long Version: I have had a variation on this conversation with a few people recently and so I figured it might be helpful for some of you. Here is the scenario 1.You have lots of good ideas 2.You tell your friends about your good ideas 3.They say “yep, sounds like a good idea” 4.You feel…

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Becoming a Gentleman: Monday mornings

Even “bad jobs” are good Even the “bad jobs” I have had over the years have taught me something about myself and about life. When I was a spot welder and came home each day exhausted, burnt and bruised, I learned what hard work really was and I was proud of what I had built.…

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Open Letter: Let’s be a Real Beard Community

Community: a label or a reality? People tend to refer to a group of people who share common features and call them a “community.” I think it is sort of a shorthand (or maybe it just sounds better to say “black community” or “bearded community” than to say “black people” or “guys with beards”). It…

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